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Why are we still using it

Response to the Styrofoam ads.

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People were writing some bad notes on posters, and it ends up fighting.... I was shocked because of the fact that people actually did that.
This not was attached to one of the posters. i found it funny that this was a piece of paper from our scrap paper box (it's working at least a little bit).

Weel, I wouldn't expect that everybody would agree with whatever we trying to say with the posters. But at least they pay attention now.

I think that is what we should aim for - getting attention to these issues.
I wonder why the person wrote about plastic and put the paper into the scrap paper box. Plus, the paper looks like it was already used on both sides. It's not even a piece of scrap paper! lol Is this person spying on us or what? "Consider all sides before you criticize"->is this person in our class or just assume that we made the styrofoam cup posters? Hey, did you check myocad? http://www.myocad.com/talk_view.php?topicID=4384&fc=1